Global Standards for Assessments in a
Digital First World: A Future Perspective...


Effective, fair and practical assessment has always been a challenge, more so, in a diverse country like India with multiple education systems, testing bodies, cultures and languages. The assessment community needs to deliberate and collaborate to achieve the common goal of transforming assessment for the better. India- ATP annual conference is designed to achieve just that.

I-ATP Chair Divyalok Sharma of Pearson VUE announced that, "the key objectives of this event are to bring educational leaders together with human resource professionals to establish an ongoing dialogue for raising assessment standards by embracing world class best practices and exploring new technologies."

This is a one-day, sponsored event free-of-charge for attendees.

Bring your ideas and imagination and come prepared to discuss the following topics:

  • Personal data, Test Security and Integrity
  • Emerging Technologies: Gamification, Blockchain, Biometrics, and Wearables
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and Cognitive Computing
  • Badging, micro credentialing and the digitization of credentials
  • Adaptive and the personalization of assessment
  • Inclusivity in assessment
  • Best practice and industry standards
  • Authentic Assessment
  • The business of Certifications, Qualifications and Accreditation
  • Internationalization of assessment programs