Who Should Attend

Any organization that uses assessments or is thinking about using assessments, to measure achievement, competency or performance would find value in this conference. The assessment industry has expanded and continues to grow beyond the typical testing professions of the past.

Past attendee profiles include, but are not limited to:

  • Test Publishers and Test Owners
  • Psychometricians
  • Educations Professionals, such as:
    • Curriculum Governing Bodies
    • Awarding Bodies
    • Vocational Training Organisations
    • K-12 Education Providers
    • Higher Education Providers
    • Public and Private Universities
    • Entrance/Admission Experts
    • Distance Learning Professionals
  • Businesses, such as:
    • HR Professionals, CPD Managers
    • Recruitment Agencies
    • Professional Bodies
    • Assessment Service Providers, Vendors and Credentialing companies
    • Business Psychologist
  • Public Sector, such as:
    • Policy Makers
    • Regulators
    • Military
    • Intelligence Agencies
    • Government Departments